We understand the enjoyment that comes from purchasing football boots from the past! Rare, deadstock pairs bringing nostalgic memories, that aren't likely available in retail stores anymore - or no longer manufactured. We love making this possible for you, but there are conditions to purchasing particular boots from us.

We can have boots in stock that were manufactured as long as 15 years ago or more! Due to the age of some boots we cannot guarantee the longevity or structural durability of them. We will not accept responsibility for any boots that are damaged from use that are manufactured BEFORE 2018.
Please read the descriptions of the boots you are buying, the 'Release' year will be stated on all pairs to highlight their age. Most boots are brand new, but we do provide an accurate & honest condition rating out of 10 where it is applicable - sometimes with additional necessary details of the condition of the boots.

Older models can be prone to a variety of defects / types of damage due to their age; such as peeling, rips, sole separation etc. Older, brand new, unworn boots can even have peeling occur just from years of storage - we will always make it clear in the listing if there are ANY defects to boots. Therefore, after you use the boots you have purchased from us, we will not be liable for any potential damage that may occur.

By making a purchase from The Boot Hive, you accept the terms & conditions explained above. You ultimately accept that if the boots you have purchased were manufactured BEFORE 2018 & they suffer damage from use - we will have NO LIABILITY to refund your order or exchange your boots.

For boots that you wish to return, we have a 14-day return policy. You have 14 days after receiving your order to request a return. Please click the following link to read the full details of our return policy, including details on refunds & what will make your return eligible for a refund.  - CLICK HERE -

For any questions you may have regarding this policy, please feel free to contact us at theboothive@hotmail.com.

- - -

We would also like to make you aware that if any boots you purchased from us, of any age, were to become damaged from use - it does not necessarily mean they are ruined. It is becoming more & more popular to have repairs carried out to prolong the life of your boots. Our partnered specialist offers this service. It is relatively inexpensive, reliable, & a fantastic option to consider. 

If you would like more information on this service or would like to book a repair for your boots, please contact us at theboothive@hotmail.com or message us on any of our Social Media pages!